‘Alanart’, is the art of Alan Parker. Growing up in Washington, DC  he was fortunate to live close to the galleries and museums on the mall, frequently visiting.  Even after moving to Rockville he  continued to see art in galleries in DC, NYC,  anywhere. Once at the Renwick Gallery, he discovered a book in the gift store demonstrating the use of various shapes, colors, the placement of objects on a page, and similar compositional elements. He loved it. He then made the extremely rare-for him- purchase, and still follows the same principles to this day in creating his pop-modern design images and drawings. (along with the syllabus from U-MD composition class).

In the mid 90’s, he got a scanner that came with Photodelux 1.0, and on suggestion, by scanning his drawings and then filtering them, he found he could much more effectively reproduce the kinds of visual style that he saw in his head, but could not paint or draw otherwise.

Starting with photos, drawings, pastels, or digital designs made entirely with Photoshop, he uses basic filters to enhances the colors- often only colors- and occasionally additional filters.

Alan’s art is on Zazzle.com as Alanart, as well as through Artists Compound. LLC.

He believes that appreciation of art and the arts is a natural part of all human minds, as much as the parts that want companionship, or seeks adventure. Not everyone taps into art as others, but it is there in all of us. He believe the best art- in any medium- enables and encourages the listener, or viewer, or reader to participate, to engage the imagination. Whether consciously or subconsciously our mood and energy feed off many stimuli, including visual environment. The same way we adjust the heat or A/C, we can adjust the colors on an empty space and let it enrich our lives.