Ania Milo emerged onto the art scene in early 2010 and making her own unique style of art with her passionate, expressive and raw energy, she quickly found many admirers of her work. Milo’s abstract paintings are transformative as she uses her own multifaceted emotions to create works that reach to the depths of the souls of those who view them.

Born and raised in Krakow, Poland until the age of 13, Ania now resides in Baltimore, Maryland where she also has her studio. Ania is a self-taught artist who holds Postgraduate degrees in Leadership and Industrial/Organizational Psychology.

Her body of work is inspired by her emotional response to the world around her. As she paints, her emotions pour onto the canvas and she experiences a cleansing release and a feeling of deep satisfaction having shared a part of herself with the Universe. Milo uses Art for personal growth and healing. In her works, Ania incorporates different painting mediums to give her paintings a three-dimensional feeling, which she believes makes gives them have a more powerful impact.

Since 2010, Ania has exhibited in numerous galleries, shows and festivals. Her originals and reproductions are available through many artist websites and her paintings are in several Art and Photo books.

Artist Statement

My soul whirls with powerful energy filled with colorful and vivid images. With paintbrush and paint, I harness this energy to into bright, fluid and powerful images that transcend the world around me. 

My paintings are exuberant and full of my adventurous and courageous spirit. They flow with primal energy and my passion for life. My artworks are a celebration of the awakening of my Authentic Self.

As the images inside my soul compel me to bring them to life, I experience a deep spiritual awakening and my soul is set free into a world where anything is possible and no boundaries exist. 

And as I continue to work, I sense how the final painting will look like; I feel it; I know it. It builds and develops in front of my eyes and as I finish; I give it life.

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