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Susan Ren

As a fine art photographer, my artistic interests always revolve around some creation of a new world or “constructed reality.” I enjoy playing with color, repurposing items, mixing patterns, inventing new spaces, and introducing new moods that don’t quite make sense but intrigue.

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Ania Milo

Transform Your Life With Art! To me, Art is all about connecting with your inner self and the world around you. The most important aspect of creating my Art is to reach and connect with as many people as I can. We are all in this together and through Art, we can understand one another on the most intimate level.

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Shawna Cheatham

Shawna Cheatham, also known as “Shawna Divine” is an autodidactic (self taught), multidisciplinary, multidimensional, multimedia fine artist and native Baltimorean.  Her mixed media visual artwork incorporates an eclectic blend of bold, bright hues, and muted tones which reflect her culture …

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Liz Slaterbeck

For a truly unique dance experience, Liz offers a variety of Middle Eastern dance forms. From BellyDance to Indian Fusion. The most popular offering is the Goddess Dance, which facilitates empowerment and general well-being through guided movements inspired by Liz’s dance background. Liz’s inspired artwork blends many qualities of mandala art with clean crisp line work. Her creations resonate with the qualities and characteristics she observes in everyone and everything she connects with. Many moments from her life’s journey are reflected in these exquisite pieces.

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Bloomer is a Rock band from Baltimore, MD created by musical partners Luke Boardman and Matt Zorzi. The band’s sound emerges from a mix of 70’s & 90’s Rock, Soul and American Roots Music. Blending dynamic influences with energetic performances, each set offers an interactive experience. Jamsphere Magazine called their debut EP “creative indie rock at it’s finest.”

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Alan Parker

Alan’s art has been featured on a wedding invitation, a CD cover, and a billboard in Baltimore rising over Penn Station. His prints and posters have sold all over in coffee shops, restaurants, and fairs in Alexandria, Takoma Park, West Arundel, online, and at charity auctions. From time-to-time the samples themselves sold. Since the fall of 2016, he has been co-featured in the Launch Office art series in Rockville and Gaithersburg, and had a solo exhibit in Greenbelt. Alan loves to make images for posters, t-shirts, backdrops, graphics, logos, and more. He can work in any kind of color or black and white. He likes to set art to music and add quotes onto- and into- the art itself. In keeping with the predominately abstract themes, titles can be changed, or ignored, or called “Whatever you see is right”. Note- Each is honestly unique. Feel free to turn them any direction, regardless of signature. No one will ever have an identical, and only a few multiples in color variations are printed.

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