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Stoner Gang

Stoner Gang main members consists of Henni & Payso, 2 artists who are on the verge in Baltimore. They are multitalented entrepreneurs, with their own brands and multiple creative outlets. They hope to spread a positive message through their Cannabis Movement as legalization reforms in the US.

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Shanna Lim

I am a visual and performance artist whos focus luys in Site Specific Audience Interactive dance works and Body Paint Art. Other titles held are screen printer, bookbinder, paper-maker, supporter of arts advocacy and a dance,arts and health educator.

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Conor Brendan & The Wild Hunt

Conor Brendan is a Folk Pop multi-instrumentalist singer songwriter intent on creating positive change in a troubled world. With visceral story-weaving lyrics and a broad range of instruments, he pushes the boundaries of folk, Americana, and pop music, from cinematic ballads to explosive tribal-like passages. Conor Brendan & The Wild Hunt is a folk-pop trio of multi-instrumentalists on traditional Americana Instruments.

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Linnea Tober

We are all creative beings, artists. Every one of us has the innate desire to express what is inside of us. Creative visual art is my sanctuary, my way down the rabbit hole, my salvation. Bold colors consistently make their way into my work, I could not breathe without being surrounded by color. I believe the true photographer moves to get the end result they want. They do not wait for the shot to happen, they CREATE it. I am a colorist at heart and thrive when playing with unusual color combinations. My photography works focus mainly on nature, the intricate textures, shapes and shadows she creates on her own. I shoot these subjects always thinking of what I can transform them into…what they will become. I then twist, tweak and ‘morph’ them into my unique designs. Sometimes you can decipher the original subject and many times not at all. It depends on where the muse guides me. <3

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