All my life I knew I wanted to be an artist and I started competing in art shows since kindergarten. I started off by teaching myself about art from books and videos at my local library. I got my first professional graphic design job at 16 for Damon Foreman’s Music Academy, where I taught myself how to use the Adobe professional programs. At this job I was able to create my first advertisements, promotions, logos, full album cover and CD. I also competed in numerous art shows and received many awards for my accomplishments throughout my entire educational career. I’ve attend numerous colleges and later decided to attend the Art Institute of Pittsburgh to obtain my Graphic Design degree. Since education is never ending continue to further my knowledge regularly with a variety of college courses, workshops, webinar and DIY lessons. I always thoroughly analyze everything I take on and if I don’t know, I will teach myself to become an expert in any situation.

While in College I took a class called Electronic Design where I had to create bands to make advertisements for. I decided why make up a band when I can help the locals by giving them a real visual image. I created Your Destiny’s Dream, a non-profit program to help other businesses grow and to expand my portfolio. The artwork I created for local musician and businesses lead me to be hired for numerous entertainment companies. Today this program has transformed into an official business, called Your Destiny’s Dream LLC; where I provides mural, design and marketing services. I continue to contribute my art to non-profit organizations such as Wisdom Court Kids Club, Risi Medical Foundation, ChildHelp and more. My hope is to inspire people to help others and grow together instead of destroying each other. With my work I wants to share my passion of art, music, collaboration and helping nonprofits.

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