Hi, we are FireKite! The most important thing to know about us is that we are five really good friends who really love music, and what we want more than anything is to share that with you. If you don’t remember anything else from this bio, remember that, and we will always have a good time.

There are five of us in FireKite: Pamela (vocals), Dan (lead guitar), Paul (keys/synth/guitar), Rich (bass), Eric (drums/percussion). The band was started in April 2013 with Rich, Eric and other musicians.  After the band started, they soon had a need for a new singer. Pam and Rich were friends for many years and things planned out for her to move back to the area, and be a permanent fixture.  Paul and Dan were the newest additions last year to the band and were a big help with completing our sound.  We all come from different backgrounds, playing with different musicians and groups in the MD/DC/VA area.  Because of this, we are able to cover a wide range of musical styles/genres during our shows.

You can find us at our website here:  https://firekitemusic.com

You can follow us on Facebook here:  https://www.facebook.com/FireKiteMusic/

So here we are. Five good friends playing some music. We hope you join us sometime!