Baltimore’s Fractal Cat is inspired by early rock ‘n’ roll, classic soul, and psychedelia; musical influences include Buddy Holly, early Pink Floyd, and John Coltrane, while lyrical inspirations range from Blake to Buddha. The band is currently promoting Lovingkind, its second album of all-original material. The album track “Tryptide” was named by WTMD Radio’s Sam Sessa as one of the top 14 Baltimore songs of 2014. Fractal Cat has shared the stage with national, regional, and local talent including Consider the Source, Telesma, and Deaf Scene.  Fractal Cat is produced by Miles Gannett and mastered by Motown legend Bob Olhsson.

The Cats

Jason Armstrong Baker: drums, percussion

Miles Gannett: vocals, electric guitar, production

Kim Gravatt: flute, saxophone, vocals

Keith Jones: vocals, acoustic guitar

Joshua Lilly: keyboards

Andy Myatt: bass

Guest Cats

Sean Finn: French horn, violin, cornet

Mike Franklin: sound engineer

twitter and instagram: @fractalcatband