Guy Grams a Baltimore native emcee grew up in Baltimore County and East Baltimore has been creating and playing live music for about 15 years in the Baltimore area. Within the last 5 years or so after a successful and lengthy run in the battle circuit. Guy Grams has put out two highly acclaimed projects one being released in 2013 titled “Street Intellect” and the other in 2015 titled “The Gateway Drug.” Grams has continually raised the bar with every release as far as production, rhymes, and overall quality of his product.


Grams has also been tearing down stages all over the East Coast. From NY, NJ, PA, CT, DE, DC MD and more. The talent has been known to bring a great stage show, live and crowd engaging. He has opened up for some legendary Hip Hop figures & upcoming artists all around the east coast such as Kotton Mouth Kings, Redman, Method Man, AZ, Smiff N Wessun, Jeru Tha Damaja, Sean Price, Ra The Rugged Man, Par- ish Smith, Tony Touch, Guilty Simpson, Reef The Lost Cause, Young Z, Illah Gee, Dirt Pla- toon, Bankai Fam, and many others just to name a few. His raw gritty sound blends perfectly with that underground East Coast movement. Be on the lookout for upcoming projects and releases and look for Guy Grams to be performing live at a venue near you!


“Bringing his gritty sound to Revolution Bar & Music Hall, Guy Grams dazzled with catchy rhymes filled with killer beats. His sophomore album, 2015’s The Gateway Drug, is out now and full of classic Hip Hop flavor.”- Mr. G, Cryptic Roc


“A young kid tries to hide his innocence, old man’s genius is blinded by his ignorance.” – Guy Grams









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2016 Bee Shine Cypher – Cypher 20

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