Frankie “NCeption” Carter, grew up in Southwest Virginia listening to classis hip hop, soul, funk, gospel, and disco music, the baselines of his house sets today.

Moving to Washington, D.C in the early 90s, when it was a completely exciting time for club music with hot clubs like Tracks, The Edge, The V Column, The Vault, the Camber of Sound, and Red already in full swing, as well as other places in Baltimore, MD like Odells, Hammerjacks, Red Maple, the Paradox with its monthly Fever parties and Sugar parties bringing you their special blend of EDM, rave, and house music, These were the first samplings of his first artisty in true dance and underground sounds.

DJ NCeption has been spreading his wings in the background over the last few years working on his skills to bring you his blend of house, garage and 2-step, jazz, funk, and swing genres all into one sound.