Nerra Muhammad is a highly dynamic, passionate, and creative art entrepreneur whose work of visual arts and poetry speaks to the beauty, power and value of the woman. Ever since she was a small child, Nerra has been inspired to speak her mind through her artistic expression.

At the blossoming age of 14 years old, Nerra started writing poetry about mature ideas such as love, intimacy, trust and so many other important topics that would empower her to become the woman she desired to be. By the time Nerra was 21 years old, she had already written two unpublished poetry books called Rebel Rebel and 21 and Over. Once she turned 27, she wrote and completed her third poetry book called Black Girl Gone Wrong. All of her works have highlighted the pain, strength, trials and triumphs of a young black woman who falls in love only to find herself.

Along with writing, Nerra is highly passionate about the education of children. She has taught many populations including special needs students and out of school youth. Her passion for education has drove her to see the “big picture” to understand that true education not only happens in the classroom, but also in the community where the next generation can grow in the knowledge of themselves and render service to others.

In 2015, this passion has fueled her desire to work in the community, using her skills as an upcoming educator, to serve as the Education Committee Chair for the Peace By Piece Baltimore (PXP) program for the American Friends Service Committee. As the Education Committee chair, Nerra was responsible for the educational initiatives of PXP such as the Summer of Us Leadership Camp of 2015. As she worked with PXP, Nerra’s activism opened many doors for her to speak on important issues such as police brutality, education inequality, self-improvement and the role of women on various platforms including TV shows such as The Ed Gordon Show. Plus, she was invited to be a contributing voice on the radio show “Listen Up!” on 88.9 WEAA FM as part of the monthly segment “Ladies of Listen Up!” where she shares her powerful story and perspective.

In October 2016, Nerra took her love and work to the next level when she became the founder of the company, I Call Her Queen LLC (ICHQ). ICHQ is the for profit venture that allows Nerra to sell her art, poetry and hand crafted body art. ICHQ also serves as a platform for women to have real, relevant and conscious conversations about sexuality, relationships, love, health, beauty and the role of women in society. Plus, Nerra is a Senior at Morgan State University majoring in Family and Consumer Science. She will earn her degree in Summer 2017.

Finally, through all of her personal experiences and life’s work, Nerra continues to remain authentic, humble and inspiring to women and young people.

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