nckfrmptn, otherwise known as Nick Frampton, is an indie/experimental hip-hop/rap artist currently based out of Baltimore, Maryland. Although Nick is influenced by and comes from a mostly emo/punk-rock and metal background, rap has always been a passion of his as a listener and creator. Nick’s wide range of influence and interest are a reflection of him as an artist and a person.

Nick first began making music out of boredom one night late alone in his room in 2010. From then it went from making parody songs with his friends, to creating conceptual songs and projects under the alias, nckfrmptn. Although Nick is naturally introverted as a person, creating is his outlet to express himself musically and-or visually as an artist.

Not only does Nick use art as an outlet to express himself, but also as an opportunity to spread positivity and give back to the community through philanthropy. Nick has taken advantage of opportunities as nckfrmptn to show up and surprise young fans on their birthday, as well as use his performances as charity events to benefit various organizations.


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