Hailing from Baltimore here to uphold the standards that made Hip Hop great, Ollie VOSO emerges as a fresh voice for the culture.

At the age of 8, Ollie VOSO began rhyming with his friends for fun. As time progressed, he honed his skills a found his voice. Today, with lyrical and musical influences of artist such as Lupe Fiasco and Coldplay combined with life experiences, VOSO embarks on a path to express himself with the art of wordplay intertwined with musical productions. VOSO aims to use strong lyrics coupled with diverse beats, to create songs that propel thought, enlightenment and pleasure. Through various projects, collaborations and performances throughout Virginia to New York City, Ollie VOSO has established himself as a artist to be reckoned with with his sharp witted lyricism and complex rhyme schemes. He is known for exuberant performances, filled with energy and enjoyment. Quickly he became a standout, which helped propel his quest as a solo artist