They call him Mr Baltimore Blues. We know him as Quinton Randall. Born December 11, 1989 Quinton wasn’t sure of what he’d become. He was a man of many talents and an immeasurable hustle.

Quinton won’t tell you he had a rough childhood.  He would say “It’s just part of growing up”. Being bullied or spit on and teased were actually only a part of what was going on.  Quinton’s real problems were more internal.

It’s 2003 now and this young man meets someone who would change his life forever.  A musican who would help him record his poetryb on CD. As times goes on Quinton becomes fascinated with the guitar and Santana through his teacher Kevin Robinson.

Years later Mr. Baltimore Blues is born and has become a staple on the poetry and music and in other cities as well.

Now an educator, Quinton looks to help people connect spiritually to their dreams and instruments and give them the necessary tools to move forward in life and pass down that knowledge to the youth.


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