Hiya, folks! I’ve been writing songs for years. Unfortunately, the little bastards wouldn’t stop haunting me until I learned how to play them. So about 6 months ago, I began the torturous process of teaching myself the guitar and keyboard, and singing in front of audiences in bars. That’s how at the age of 23, I started learning and growing again. Hopefully, we can learn and grow together. I love how my music is always changing and evolving.

Let’s be real. I only write songs about things I care about. It’s my brain’s way of sorting out problems, questions, and observations about the world. If you have laughed, gotten pissed off, or reflected on something by the end of a song, then the song is a success. Us musicians don’t know a better way to dump feelings than onto you, the listener! You don’t have to walk away at the end of it, though; let’s have a dialogue.