Steady Ratchets is a psychadelic dub style reggae experience equiped with captivating aestetics that takes it’s audience deep into the realm of slightly odd. Hitting the scene for the first time in 2015, the band couldn’t be more excited for the chance to stretch out a bit.  It’s been a long road but 5 years of dedication and hard work has produced an album of original music.  With that and an assortment of classic reggae covers played in their own style, this Baltimore based band can’t wait to blaze fire all over the next takers.  The Free Fram, The Rye, St. Mary’s Resteraunt, The Sidebar, and Fish Head Cantina will all tell you.  Steady Ratchets mean business.  To them, music is life, and Steady Ratchets aim to live it to the fullest.