Supreme is a living example of an intuitive artist whose work reflects his dedication, precision, focus and the determination to re-introduce a unique brand of creativity to the forefront of our era.
Solely – (adv.) “Without another, to the exclusion of all else.”
Supreme – (adj.)“Absolute but crowning, excellent, extreme, final, first, incomparable, marvelous, unmatched, unparalleled…”
His signature art form of eye-catching and immaculate geometric abstract
paintings, which he coins “Perfectionism”, tells a detailed story through the use of
select colors and shape in precise locations. As he revisits his life experiences through each brushstroke, meaningful emotion and vibrancy is boldly conveyed. With focus and attention to detail, his pieces go through a strenuous three to four week progression to ensure the greatest accuracy, which even at that point will be recreated at the first
sight of the slightest flaw.
Striving to inspire creativity in others through his larger-than-life paintings,
Supreme’s profound love and dedication to his craft sets him in motion to further his
career, as he plans on exhibiting his work in galleries and museums worldwide.

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